Broken By the Buck…a government in waiting.

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
This was originally published by Pontiff K Talakam on his facebook wall.

Prosper the mastermind and his men of letters
To preach prosperity when most know better
And watch as others become bed wetters

For being tricked into unwise investments
By high priests wearing stained and tattered vestments
Drawn to the gods of profit, by their testaments

Wherein awaits the beast for all of his kin
When battered from without and cheated from within
And men losing fortunes where there was nothing to begin
The paper chase into wholesale self-destruction
Overwhelming the feeble assets of non-production
When words seek to explain what is known as corruption!

Our country was born on the shoulders of giants in history
Now crashing down on rough boulders of misery
Of bribery, feigned ignorance, and millions ill-spent
Our government taking both sides with the lament
That we have to be fair and we have to take pause
When the system is gamed by those breaking the laws

Political dynasties run by give-away artists
Who now call the shots and refuse to be honest
And making excuses without any consequence
Yet we buy their excuses and let it all slide
With the big lie upheld by some little ones on the side
Promote them along and put them on boards
Keep them in power for they are our lords

We look the other way for they know what is best
But we really know better and go along with the rest
No options to this one, when that one is dirty too
We are left with bad choices in a rancid stew
Sugar-coated greed, our favorite confection
Betrayed by the few greedy servants, sworn to our protection

We now know as voters, that we have to be bold
Throw all the white-collared crooks out in the cold
To make an honest living for once in their lives
Instead of their scheming and telling us lies
Take back our country and do it all over
Bust up the good old boys rolling in the clover
Throw out the money changers, reclaim the wisdom
When we all had a voice in our wonderful system…election is over and the choice is made!!!


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