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War on Betelnut Unnecessary

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

NCDC Governor Powes Parkop picks on buai sellers in Port Moresby but will not pick on beer sellers.

He is doing a very good job trying to clean up Port Moresby but the cleaning up must not stop at the physical appearance.

Buai and beer are both staining Port Moresby but Mr Parkop chooses to put his feet down on those who are trying to get by. He puts the blame of ugliness on a fruit locally produced and has gained economic prominence because the people have made it so. 

It is the local initiatives such as the buai traders who keep PNG’s local grassroots economy going. 

The ugly stains in Port Moresby are problems of habit just like the drunken on the streets. Port Moresby will be cleaner if Mr Parkop focuses on correcting habits of users. The “no spitting” signs are good starters but signs on a wall do not go far. 

While he is on the betelnut stains clean up maybe he should start a “no drunken” on the streets campaign.

And Mr Parkop please leave the betelnut traders alone.


Posted: February 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Welcome back to Our Pacific Ways. This year kicks off with many promises for a better PNG. Schools children are smiling as they can now go to school without worrying about school fees. Health Minister Michael Malabag promises church health workers will be paid under normal government pay system. And Commerce and Trade Minister Richard Maru is shaking up small foreign business to upscale or get out.

At the same time Lae’s Angau Hospital must come to a standstill following a nurse’s rape and Goroka reports it must refer patients to Kundiawa and Mingende hospitals.

While many young people are happy to go to school many schools are without good classrooms fitted with proper desks and tables and worse is the lack of teaching resources especially books. 

On the ground locals are still trying to find a place in this now becoming industrialised nation. Cocoa farmers continue to carry loads on their backs to the nearest truck pick up point usually some 2 days away. Fresh produce farmers must deal with bad road conditions and unhygienic markets.

If 2013 is the year for a clean up then let’s see some real change in those critical areas.